Salt Spray Test Chambers

by Autotest Mechanisms Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Since 1973
AMPL Specializes in Manufacturing of Standard & Customized Salt Spray Chambers. These heavy duty, industry grade Chambers are designed for maximum life & performance. Integrated with latest technologies, these chambers provide reliable & efficient testing operation. We provide Water Spray, Dust Test, Hot & Cold Chambers and Humidity Chambers. We work closely with our customers, understand their requirements & provide them best service in the industry.
JIS Z 2371
ISO 9227

Standard Sized Models

All the chambers are designed & manufactured on strict standards, ASTM B117, JIS Z 2371. These chambers are heavy duty, efficient, economical and guarantee accurate results.
ParameterSST - CSST - MSST - P
StandardASTM B117, JIS Z 2371ASTM B117, JIS Z 2371ASTM B117, JIS Z 2371
Dimensions(Inner Chamber)750x500x800 (270Ltr)1000x800x1000 (700Ltr)1000x800x1000 (700Ltr)
Body MaterialFRP with SS CoverFRP with SS CoverFRP with SS Cover
Test Chamber Temperature35°C ± 2°C35°C ± 2°C35°C ± 2°C
Air Pressure RegulatorsYesYesYes(High Precission Regulator)
Pressure Drop AlarmNoNoYes
Time TotalizerYesYesYes
Temperature SensorsPT100 Corrosion FreePT100 Corrosion FreePT100 Corrosion Free
Temperature ControlBuilt-in PID ControllerBuilt-in PID ControllerPLC Based PID Control
DisplayDigital DisplayDigital DisplayHMI 7" (800x480) Coloured Touch Screen
Set Temperature ProfilesNoNoYes
Water Level Sensor & AlarmNoYesYes
Water Level Indicator(Saturation Tank)YesYesYes
Specimen RacksYesYesYes
Canopy Lift SystemManualAutomaticAutomatic

Custom Sized Salt Spray Chambers

AMPL is a unique manufacturer as it also offers custom sized Salt Spray Chambers/CASS Chambers for special purpose applications. Customers can add or remove features according to their specific applications & requirements. With expertise in manufacturing & designing of Special Purpose Machines our workshop & tool room are set to deliver versatile products and heavy duty, industry grade salt spray chambers.


Salt Spray Test Chamber consists of a test chamber, an air saturator, a solution supply tank, a control panel. The spraying mechanism and the construction of the salt spray chamber made of filter reinforced plastic mould is as per the details given the relevant standard. The salt spray is produced by specially designed glass atomizers employing compressed air from supply line through filter regulator.
The air pressure for spraying and agitation of salt solution can be adjusted by control valves. The air from the compressor is connected to the chamber through air filter, pressure regulator and a saturation tank through which the air is bubbled & heated up electrically to maintain the temperature inside the chamber constant at 35 degree C by means of a digital temperature controller.
The saturation tank supplies a heated, humidified clean air for atomization of the solution. It consists of a stainless-steel tank, a heater, a bubbling nozzle, an air cleaner, a pressure regulator and a pressure gauge.